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Singapore has a vibrant live music scene with numerous venues catering to various musical genres. Cuba Libre Café & Bar is known to be the home of Latin live music and Latin parties in Singapore since 2006.

If you are looking for a night of live Latin music in Singapore, look no further than Adrenalina, the resident band at Cuba Libre Café & Bar. With a mix of salsa, merengue, reggaeton, Latin pop, and more, Adrenalina brings the energetic vibes and talent of Latin American music to the heart of Clarke Quay, Singapore.

Introducing Adrenalina: The Hottest Latin Band in Singapore

The new Adrenalina band is made of 5 talented Cuban musicians, bringing the vibrant and energetic rhythms of Latin music from Havana to Singapore. With a wide range of Latin American music repertoire, infectious rhythms and melodies, Adrenalina’s high-energy performances get audiences dancing all night long!


Yoandri Castro Max, aka Max, Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Guitarist. Max is a Latin music producer from Havana and has an impressive background in Latin music. He studied lyrical singing at the Higher Institute of Arts in Cuba and was endorsed as an Instrumentalist Singer by the Institute of Music of Cuba. He has worked with top-level orchestras from the Dominican Republic and was a singer in various Cuban orchestras, including "To Mezclao," "El Chispa y los Cómplices," and "Pupy y los que Son Son." Max has also collaborated with local Cuban and international artists on their albums and has even worked as a music producer himself. His solo album, "Bar de Paco," was recorded with the English label Tumi Music and is available on all digital music platforms.


Edel Reyes Barrenda, Percussion. Edel is a veteran musician who began studying music at the age of 10. He specializes in percussion and has played with large Cuban groups, using instruments such as congas, bongos, and guiro. For five years, he toured Cuba with Luis Franco's band, performing at important festivals like Piña Colada and Romerías de Mayo. Edel continues his career as a drummer, collaborating with Maestro Alexander Días and other artists like Wena Onda.


Lisandra Valid, Female Vocalist. Lisandra Valid is a gifted Cuban female vocalist who began her music career at the age of 18. Lisandra received vocal technique classes, scenic projection training, and acting workshops that helped her develop her skills on stage. Lisandra graduated as a Soloist-Vocalist from the singing school of renowned teacher and musician Jose Luis Cortés. She is skilled in playing minor percussion instruments such as claves and maracas. Lisandra has had the privilege of working with popular and well-known musicians and orchestras in Cuba, including NG La Banda, Los Ángeles de La Habana, Laritza Bacallao, Alexander Díaz, and Leoni Torres. She has also gained valuable experience performing in other countries such as Angola, Vietnam, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.


Camila Maza Acosta, Female Vocalist. Camila is a dynamic Latin singer who began her singing career at the age of 18. Camila participated in numerous vocal contests, including canto a Lola Beltran, La Cancion y El Mar, Homenaje e Beni More, and La Nueva Voz. Camila has also been the lead female singer in Candiles band for many gigs and events, performing at various hotels such as Comodoro con el groupo, Tempos Hotel Sevilla Con EL Grupo Mamamoros, and Hotel Panorama Con EL Grupo. In addition, Camila specializes in Mexican Mariachi performances. Camila brings a unique energy and passion to every performance with Adrenalina band at Cuba Libre Café & Bar.


Dayan Perez Carrero, Saxophonist. Dayan is a musician and a music teacher, who has performed at a variety of national and international festivals in Cuba, including Gasparilla Music Fest, Tomorrowland Fest, and Cook-Music Fest. With experience sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Oscar de León, La India, Laritza Bacallao, Alvaro Torres, and Gilberto SantaRosa, this saxophonist is sure to bring a unique and exciting energy to the stage at Cuba Libre Café & bar with Adrenalina’s performance.


Spice up your night with Adrenalina, the hottest Latin band in Singapore at Cuba Libre Café & Bar! View Cuba Libre's Music Line Up here.

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