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Food & Affordable Wines at El Malecon, Riverside Dining by Cuba Libre Café & Bar at Clarke Quay

Cuba Libre Café & Bar Brings the Spirit of Havana’s Shores to Singapore with El Malecon Riverside Dining at Clarke Quay

tapas at clarke quay - riverside dining
Tapas & More

Escape to the lively streets of Havana without leaving Singapore as Cuba Libre Café & Bar introduces El Malecon, the new menu served exclusively outdoors, nestled along the picturesque Singapore River.

Join us in this vibrant space designed to provide a unique casual dining experience where you can indulge in the delicious flavours of food and wines while soaking up the lively ambience of Clarke Quay.

burgers at clarke quay
Havana Burger & Vegetarian Burger

El Malecon showcases vibrant flavours and diverse dishes complementing a wide selection of wines on the menu. From delightful tapas, dips, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and pasta to more traditional favourites like Chef Alex's grandma's Albondigas De La Abuela and Ropa Vieja bites, along with tempting seafood and vegetarian options, El Malecon has something to satisfy all tastes and cravings.

pizza at clarke quay
Homemade pizzas

For the selections of the wine menu, Co-Founder & Head Sommelier of EC Wines, Vincent See, curated hand-picked unique selections of wines with options starting from just $10++ per glass or $39++ per bottle. Alongside the variety of wine selections, the new menu offers refreshing cocktails and spirits. Each sip transports you to the shores of Cuba, immersing you in the island's heart.

Don't miss out on our fantastic deals during Happy Hour, where you can enjoy special prices on selected cocktails and beverages. Plus, we offer a Bucket Beer deal that's perfect for sharing and adding to the lively atmosphere of El Malecon.

cheap wines at clarke quay - riverside dining
Affordable Wines

It is not just about the food and drinks—El Malecon aims to create an inviting ambience where you can unwind, relax, and immerse yourself in the rich Cuban flavours and cultural tapestry.

Enjoy a relaxing evening at Cuba Libre's outdoor area, El Malecon, where you can indulge in delicious food and enjoy affordable wines. Located by the riverside, this alfresco dining spot is open daily from 6 pm till late, inviting you to savour the culinary delights of Cuban hospitality.


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