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Fiesta Blanca: A Night of Music, Dancing, and Fun

Fiesta Blanca, a colourful and joyous celebration, has emerged as a beloved cultural event that unites communities across the globe. With its origins rooted in various cultural traditions, this vibrant festival has gained popularity for its lively atmosphere, captivating rituals, and rich cultural heritage.

Fiesta Blanca, meaning "White Festival" in Spanish, finds its roots in different cultural contexts. It symbolizes purity, renewal, and the power of unity. The festival often marks the beginning of a new season or a significant religious occasion, acting as a platform for communities to come together, celebrate, and honour their shared heritage.

Belvedere vodka party singapore - cuba libre

Cuba Libre Café & Bar, renowned for its mastery of Cuban and Latin American music, brings its extraordinary talents to Fiesta Blanca as the resident band. Their pulsating rhythms, infectious melodies, and dynamic performances transport party-goers to the heart of Singapore.

Join us on Saturday, 15 July from 10pm as Cuba Libre brings you their back-to-back powerhouse resident band to amplify the vibrancy, energy, and cultural significance of Fiesta Blanca. Through the power of music, festival-goers are transported on a rhythmic journey that unites communities, celebrates diverse traditions, and creates lifelong memories. As the beats reverberate through the air and dancers sway to the infectious rhythms, Fiesta Blanca solidifies its position as a must-attend event, offering an enchanting fusion of Latin culture and live music in Singapore.

Get ready to dance the night away at Cuba Libre's Fiesta Blanca! Our Clarke Quay bar is the place to be for a fun-filled evening of music and entertainment.

RSVP Now to enjoy a complimentary welcome drink for the first 100 guests! Come dress in white and stand a chance to win a bottle of Belvedere Vodka.



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