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Bubbles, Wines and Spirits: The Best Alcohol Finds and Alcohol Delivery in Singapore

The Latest Alcohol Finds and Alcohol Delivery in Singapore. Here’s a list of the latest Champagnes, Wines, Whiskies, Gins and more

Marama Origins Indonesian Rum

Marama Origins Indonesian Rum is the result of the integration of the key elements of the Indonesian archipelago: sugar cane, the climate and the volcanic soil.

The harvesting of sugar cane and the island’s tropical climate, combined with heavy monsoon rains that penetrate into the very depths of the volcanic rock soil, creates the ideal conditions for producing rum with the very best raw materials.

Marama Origins Indonesian Rum is distilled in a system of continuous columns, which results in a complex product with multiple layers of flavours. The alcohol is aged for several years in American oaks barrels. During the production process, extracts from exotic plants and fruits characteristic and native from the area are added, to give unique aromas and flavours.

Made with unique indigenous ingredients and special local flavours such as Galanga Root (Blue Ginger) and Vanilla, Marama Origins Indonesian Rum has sweet notes with a hint of spice, making it easy to drink - even on the rocks!

Marama Origins Indonesian Rum is available at Cuba Libre or on ECWines.Sg.



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